Channel Framework Overview

This component is an adapter that allows the ActiveSpaces Transactions administrative tools to control and monitor channels implemented in Java.

The API does not provide any networking, thread, or services to assist in developing the actual channel.

Please see the ActiveSpaces Transactions Developer's Guide for detailed documentation on the ActiveSpaces Transactions administration framework.


See the Dependencies page for information on the Channel Framework's dependencies.

For each dependency listed in the Project Dependencies section of the Dependencies page, the Framework's POM defines a property specifying the version of the dependency used by the Framework. These properties can be overridden if there is a need to change the dependency versions used by the Framework. The names of these properties are of the form com.tibco.groupId.artifactId.version where groupId and artifactId are the group id and artifact id of the dependency. For example, the property named specifies the version of the dependency with the group id of com.tibco and the artifact id of ast.