Business State Machine Framework

The ActiveSpaces Transactions Business State Machine Framework provides a set of Java classes for creating and executing highly available business state machines.

It is built on top of the ActiveSpaces Transactions platform. For information about developing ActiveSpaces Transaction applications, please see the ActiveSpaces Transaction Developers' Guide at the TIBCO DevZone. Complete Java API documentation is also available at that link.

Using the Business State Machine Framework

See the enclosed API documentation of the businessstatemachine package for an overview, detailed information, and example on using the framework.

See the administration page for information on how to use ActiveSpaces Transactions Administrator to access Business State Machine statistics and monitors.


See the Dependencies page for information on the Business State Machine Framework's dependencies.

For each dependency listed in the Project Dependencies section of the Dependencies page, the Framework's POM defines a property specifying the version of the dependency used by the Framework. These properties can be overridden if there is a need to change the dependency versions used by the Framework. The names of these properties are of the form com.tibco.groupId.artifactId.version where groupId and artifactId are the group id and artifact id of the dependency. For example, the property named specifies the version of the dependency with the group id of com.tibco and the artifact id of ast.

Other Resources

The TIBCO DevZone provides resources and community interaction, including an active ActiveSpaces Transactions programming forum.

If you feel like this artifact is missing a feature or has a defect, you can file a feature request or bug report in our issue tracker.