This is the TIBCO JSMPP channel for ActiveSpaces Transactions (AST). JSMPPchannel is responsible for handling messages exhanges from and to SMSC via SMPP protocol using java based jsmpp library.

View of the example

Please see the enclosed javadoc.


  • Underlaying protocol is SMPP 3.4
  • Channel uses jsmpp implementation of SMPP protocol
  • Channel proposes both Server and Client Endpoints.
  • Both endpoints offer as much configuration as jsmpp library does

Server Endpoint characteristics

  • ServerEndpoint handles only SubmitSm kind of incoming messages
  • ServerEndpoint allows to respond on same session with delivery receipt

Client Endpoint characteristics

  • Client Endpoint can be used as a Transmitter or a Transceiver
  • Transmitter only allows to send short messages to SMSC
  • Transceiver allows both to send short message to SMSC and receive delivery receipt. However it does not support AlertNotification receive for now.
  • enquire_link commands are sent using jsmpp, it is possible to configure timer for enquire_link
  • When application dispatches long message to ClientEndpoint, channel will split it and send multiple messages to SMSC. Maximum length of the SMS text will be 140 bytes
  • After the channel splits long message into parts, the parts are sent sequentially. Failure in sending any part causes stoping sending all the remaining parts.
  • For sending long parts, SMPP channel uses optional parameters: sar_msg_ref_num, sar_total_segments, sar_segment_seqnum
  • When the application sends message to channel and the message contains non ascii characters, channel should encode the message properly.
  • After the response is received from SMSC, the message is enriched with the status and sent back to application

Software Dependencies

This channel uses jsmpp library (more in maven dependencies). The library must be in the classpath.


Integrating the JSMPP channel with the ActiveSpaces Transactions Channel framework allows the channel to be managed using ActiveSpaces Transactions administration tools.

In the following ActiveSpaces Transactions Administrator view, the "SMPP Service" Service is selected. One endpoint, "SMPP Endpoint", is attached to the "SMPP Service" Service and represents the connection with the SMSC via jsmpp (SMPP protocol).

View of the SMPP service in ActiveSpaces Transactions Administrator.

To shut down the application, stop the "SMPP Service" service via the ActiveSpaces Transactions Administrator, using the "stop" button in the upper right corner of the SMPP Service window.

The Endpoint has five Session instances for managing session-level statistics:-

View of the "SMPP Endpoint" Endpoint in ActiveSpaces Transactions Administrator.

Selecting a named Session instance will show the details for that instance:-

View of a session in ActiveSpaces Transactions Administrator console.